Chamba - Estd. - 1908
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Chamba Art Gallery: On the Ground Floor on the left side one can find an attractive display of Chamba Art, reflecting the workmanship, art style and tradition of the region. The antiquities and art objects related to the art and craft of Chamba region are on display in the Chamba Art gallery.

The art style of this area was greatly influenced by the adjoining Kashmir region, which apparently discernible in the artefacts displayed in this gallery. Themes, style and material provide us with a good perspective of the cultural life of the region. Some nicely embroidered specimens of the world famous Chambarumals are also on display.

The craft of Chambarumal, which is also known as the painting on cloth with the needle was flourished in the princely state of Chamba during 18-19th century A.D. Muslin cloth, is employed to embroidered figural and floral motifs inspired from pahari miniature paintings. The embroidery was employed by a double satin stitch carried forward and backward alternately, done simultaneously on the two sides of the cloth so that both faces appear equally effective and similar in content.

The technique of stitch is known as dorukha. In addition to these, wall paintings retrieved

from Rang MahalChamba, Chamba Miniature Paintings, arms, bronzes are also on display. Ornately and beautifully carved wooden panels are also on the display. The gallery presents a flash of entire art history of Chamba region.